Watch Baby Ryan Gosling and Baby Justin Timberlake's Mickey Mouse Club Serenade

If you're anything like me, you threw a fit until your parents special-ordered the Disney Channel, ran home from school every day to catch the Mickey Mouse Club at 5pm, and taped each of their concert specials on VHS to treasure forever and ever. But if your preteen obsessions were more highbrow than mine, here's a clip you might have missed from one of said specials. An oldie but a goodie, this rendition of "Cry For You" features a teeny-tiny Justin Timberlake and perhaps-even-tinier Ryan Gosling serenading a crowd of screaming girls, all the while dressed in the baggiest of '90s fashions.


In an interview a few weeks ago, Gosling said the show stopped using him because he "couldn't really dance or sing," but this clip proves otherwise: he's got both pipes and coordination. And here's a bonus: If you look close enough, you'll notice that the young girl who comes on stage at the end of the show is none other than Miss Britney Spears. (The other two featured in the performance are Dale Godboro and JC Chasez, who would go on to continue such synchronized dance moves for years alongside Timberlake in the boyband N Sync.) Considering how both JT and Gosling are both on a frenzied press tour promoting their summer blockbusters, now's the perfect time to remember them as they once were. Enjoy!

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Kara Kvaran

This is the sort of nostalgia that I can't participate in. It's like people getting all excited about the Nickelodeon rerunning 90s shows. My parents, like many others, could not afford cable. It wouldn't have mattered what kind of fit I threw, cable television was a luxury that was just not going to happen. Plus, my parents were hippies so my television viewing was limited.

Anyway, my first thought when I read the opening line of this was, "Wow, there's a perfect example of privilege."