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Justin Timberlake Says He'd Love To Go To Marine Corps Ball Since He Never Gets Asked Out

Justin Timberlake lists the reasons why he would "love to" attend the Marine Corps Ball with Kelsey De Santis.


It's nice to see things working out for that Timberlake kid. He was always so awkward with women.

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His PR person should really tell him to stop smoking weed before press conferences. Like Keanu Reeves before him, I'm guessing he's doing it in an attempt to overcome shyness (he seriously looks like he'd rather hide under the table in this clip), but unfortunately what comes across as "shy and got stoned in an attempt at compensation" to other stoners comes across as "that dude is really dumb/what an asshole" to almost everyone else.

Also, I hate to admit it but Timberlake has turned out to be a decent actor. He was great in The Social Network, and if you're familiar with the person he was playing, he totally nailed the characterisation.