Watch Astonished Kids Learn Where Babies Come From (Not 'The Butt')

"How did Tia Alice have her baby?" "The butt!"

What's great about this video is how much technical knowledge these kids have about sex and yet how little they know; like, for instance, that the vagina is not pronounced "vangina" or how the penis even gets to the vangina. What's even greater is the kid who's cool with the fact that her parents have sex but really upset by the use of the word love. "I told you, no more love!" the poppet screams again and again. "I told you, no more love!"


Just show your kids this video and call it a day.



How the penis gets to the vangina was majorly baffling to me as a kid. I spent a long time thinking sperm just randomly left the man's body and floated around the air until it got to intended recipient, and she was like "yeah, ok" and then it zipped into her uterus and voila! babies! I asked my mom how the sperm knew which lady to go to and she informed me penises go IN vaginas, and I was somehow way more horrified that about that than the idea that humans were like giant spawning fish.