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Watch Amy Schumer & J.Law Perform a Power-Drawing Ritual on Billy Joel's Piano

Billy Joel, an up-and-coming singer who shows some promise, has taken a few pages out of Taylor Swift’s book and upped the profile of his most recent concert by bringing some special guest stars out to help him perform “Uptown Girl.” Those special guests were Jennifer Lawrence and a (possibly very inebriated?) Amy Schumer. And they climbed up onto his piano to do some dan-cing.


Vanity Fair, which is very excited about the “Schumer/Lawrence 2015” BFF ticket, asks whether you’d open your mouth to speak even once if you were having lunch with these two (because it would take away from their talking time), and while I was certain my answer would be yes—how else would they know that my crippling abandonment issues are making me really nervous about the fact that they seem to like each other more than me?—after watching this video, I’m not so sure.

These ladies climbed onto Billy Joel’s piano and danced on it. What do the rest of us have to offer that could compare with that?


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team buttersidedown

Ok, so the dancing was silly and it’s an annoying song. But, if I were a celebrity I would absolutely use my fame to do silly dancing on stage at a silly concert. J Law probably danced around her parent’s living room to that song as a kid. Why the hell not?

Also, if I were a celebrity I would pull any strings I had to so I could be a guest star on Sesame Street. Then I’d be like, “Oh, my 15 minutes are up? That’s cool, I managed to get some money in savings and sang with Big Bird. I’ve achieved all I wanted.”