Watch a Tiny Child Accidentally Comb His Hair with an Electric Razor

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This is what happens when you just leave clippers lying around. First a kid's going to mistake it for a comb and the next thing you know they look like a tiny middle-aged office worker who's lost all faith in the world. Which is to say, still very adorable.

This video, which has made its way onto the internet and will now forever be a part of this child's hope chest (hopefully they play it on his wedding night), depicts a young man fully coming into his own; a child so intent on grooming himself — who doesn't love a good combing — that he continues to shave his head into sad patches even after he recognizes that, hey, this combing thing, it's not working out very well.


Well, at least he's happy about it...and it still looks better than the time I used clippers to try to give myself a trim. How bad was that? Well, I'll tell you what my hairdresser said to me when I walked in and after she had stopped gasping. She put her hand on mine and gently reassured me that "It's just hair. It all has to come off, but it will grow back. I promise."

I hope this kid doesn't cry like I did.

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I want to be like "who leaves plugged in clippers lying around?" and "isn't that dangerous?" But my own spawn did this to her bangs the night before Thanksgiving...

She was born with a natural mullet so while the back of her hair is down to the middle of her back her bangs had JUST finally gotten below her chin. My reaction was much less amused than the mom in the video.