Watch a Price Is Right Model Slowly Die Inside After Ruining the Show

Schadenfreude: Everyone wants it, but not everyone can have it all the time. Tonight, however, I present you with a video of such shameful proportions that you will delightedly press play again and again as you cringe inwardly for the Price Is Right model who ruined the entire show by accidentally giving away a Hyundai.

Listen, it must be tough to be one of these models, always having to keep your composure as increasingly desperate people try to grab onto money that they believe is rightfully theirs. Model Manuela Arbelaez reached her breaking point today when the hot lights of the studio and the relentless screaming of the death mobs that make up the show’s audience finally got to her. She revealed the correct price before the game was over. AND THEN THE LIGHT WENT OUT FROM BEHIND HER EYES. You can literally see her dying as she claps her hand over her mouth in horror and then shrinks away, probably worried that she is going to lose her job.


According to Popsugar, Drew Carey told the contestant that she’d won the game, so I doubt she’s going to be upset about it. Consider it a good deed, Manuela Arbelaez. I know many of us can relate to you completely.

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