Watch a Bunch of Women Fake Orgasms in Public Just 'Cause

Improv Everywhere, those pranksters who are always trying to appease the god of viral videos, commandeered Katz’s Deli to recreate the scene in When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan is all "OOOOH OOOH OMG OMG OMG" and then just eats her salad like her rude-ass didn't just fake a super loud orgasm in the middle of a fucking restaurant.


What do you think? Funny, dumb, gross, or whatever? I don't know; I think I'm turning into my dad but yuck. I get what you're doing with the movie shit, but don't fake having an orgasm around me when I'm trying to eat a sandwich. Ba humbug, Grumpy Grumps No Fun Laura.


Why? If a man did this, I'd want him arrested. Is this supposed to be sexy? It's not. I'm trying to eat a sammich. Kplsthnx.