War Machine, the former MMA fighter and porn actor who allegedly mercilessly brutalized his former girlfriend Christy Mack and fled from the law, says that he is not guilty of any of the charges that have been brought against him. His lawyer says that people need to recognize that War Machine the person is not War Machine the character. Okay?

War Machine has asked that his birth name, Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, be used in the legal proceedings and this may be a move by his lawyer to try to separate Koppenhaver from the crimes that War Machine has been charged with committing, including attempted murder and sexual assault. He is also being tried on separate charges from 2013, including battery, assault, coercion and lewdness.


Okay, wait, but it doesn't stop there. According to Fox Sports, Koppenhaver and his lawyers are also fighting charges of "burglary, battery constituting domestic violence, sexually motivated coercion and witness tampering." What? How was this guy just out? Why doesn't he just give up now, admit to being an awful human being and then voluntarily chill out in solitary for the next 10-375 years? I know lawyers have to defend their clients and all (I've watched Harry's Law, I know about tanking cases), but their approach seems to be misguided.

''I think the public will understand that War Machine's a character,'' War Machine's lawyer Brandon Sua said outside court. ''He is controversial and people need to understand where to draw that line from his character as War Machine and a person as Jon Koppenhaver, because that's who he is.''


Wait, so who beat the shit out of Christy Mack? Does it matter if it was Koppenhaver or his alter ego? It's pretty clear someone tried to kill her. Where are you even going with this? Are you just trying to get paid? Have you seen the official documents? Jesus.


Koppenhaver is being held without bail until the preliminary hearing on October 17th.

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