Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign is seeking interns to organize house parties, recruit volunteers, and utilize social media "to enhance our message" — and, we assume, decrease technological mishaps, particularly of the dick pic-related variety.


Are you a bright young thing considering a future in crisis management who knows the difference between a Direct Message and a Tweet? This might be the perfect position for you.

“If you want to join the most exciting campaign of the year . . . we want you to help Anthony Weiner become the next mayor,” reads an online advertisement for the unpaid positions on a Democratic website (via the New York Post, which has decreed Weiner the "sexting king." quite the lofty title for someone so historically unsubtle). “His campaign is looking for interns and fellows to join our team, immediately!”


Candidates must be enthusiastic, willing to put in long and irregular hours, and "personally organized" — so they can get the campaign in shape and stop supporters from accidentally using a picture of Pittsburgh’s skyline instead of New York City’s on its website. (Yep, that happened.)

Naturally, interns will not be paid. But think of the life experience! And the potential for blackmail.


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Image via AP.