Vogue UK Hired John Galliano as a Guest Editor

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The John Galliano comeback continues, whether you like it or not: the designer has made a return to Vogue UK, acting as a guest-editor on a fashion shoot that will appear in the glossy's December issue. It features (surprise!) Kate Moss, who will also cover the issue.


Kate Moss notably stayed by the former Dior designer's side through the anti-semitism scandal following his drunken rant and subsequent arrest two years ago — he's still struggling to recover his tarnished reputation, which is difficult to do when there's video footage of you saying "I love Hitler" on the Internet. Since Moss was recently named a contributing fashion editor at Vogue UK, it's likely she had something to do with bringing Galliano on board.

According to the Vogue website, the "fantastical shoot" derives its inspiration from the Ballet Russe and Malcolm McLaren, that 0ft-paired duo. The one sneak-preview photo (shot by Tim Walker) looks absolutely breathtaking, of course.

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