Viola Davis Is Producing a Legal Show About Kym Worthy

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My dream for more Viola Davis-related things is happening. Davis is producing another law-related show that may also involve getting away with murder. It's called Conviction and it's based on Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy.

Deadline reports:

Worthy became the second African-American to serve as a county prosecutor in Michigan when she was appointed as chief prosecutor of Wayne County in 2004. She is known for a number of high-profile cases, like filing charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and her campaign to clear a massive backlog of 11,000 unprocessed rape test kits in Detroit.


Davis is working on the series with her production partner Julius Tennon and Sparkle co-producer Debra Martin Chase. So this is another legal show we'll all be obsessed with because Viola Davis and because Kym Worthy.

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Kym Worthy is fantastic and this is fantastic. I just hope the story is really about Worthy and Detroit not just "Worthy-esque prosecutor in a generic major city."