Victim Of The Situation's Bed-Rejection Strategy Speaks Out

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Annabelle DeSisto—who appeared on an episode of season two of Jersey Shore in which The Situation booted her from the house after refusing his advances—is speaking out, painting an unflattering portrait of the infamous guido's behind-the-scenes creepiness.


In an interview with Best Week Ever, Annabelle, a former Miss Teen Florida runner-up, gives a riveting account of how she found herself at the Jersey Shore's Miami residence, an encounter that was featured on the penultimate episode of the most recent season of the show that ended with The Situation kicking her out of his bed—a strategic move he employed (in order to get her to submit to him sexually) that wound up backfiring on him when she stormed out after calling him an "old man."

If came off looking like an asshole in that episode, it's because, according to Annabelle, he was. And that's just the tip of the iceberg-Olive-Garden-lettuce. Initially, Annabelle and her friend Lindsay (who appeared on the same episode, shown in bed with Pauly D.) noticed the reality stars at the Miami club Space and were more interested in talking to the girls than to to the guys. "I just wanted to talk to Snooki and J-WOWW and be like, 'Thanks for turning me on to this great tanning product, J-WOWW!'" However, the female roommates weren't receptive to a conversation, but the male roommates were. Annabelle was talking to Vinny most of the night, but in a swarm of confusion after a fight broke out at the club (that resulted in the cast being asked to leave) she found herself alone with The Situation, who began saying "the weirdest stuff," which she figured was just his sense of humor, thinking that nobody could ever seriously behave that way. In addition to repeatedly asking her about her panties:

He kept saying, "I'm bad, I'm bad. I'm bad, I'm bad, and I'm the baddest." And I'm like, "Okay Michael Jackson, we get it, you're the baddest"…He also asked me if I was wearing underwear a lot. And then he asked me if I like my hair pulled, and I was like "I don't understand that question." He's like, "Do you like getting your hair pulled?" And I was like, "In fights? No, I don't like my hair being pulled." He's like, "I need to know later when I ‘F' you." I was like, "Oh god!"

Once they were back at the house, The Situation kept insisting that she change out of her dress and into some of his clothes.

And I was like "No," and he was like "But you seem really uncomfortable in that dress, lets just get you into pajamas." I'm like, "Does everything you own have a rhinestone bulldog or dragon or Ed Hardy logo on it?" And he's like "Yeah, of course!" And I was like, "Then I'm not changing clothes."

She says that this is the reason that she got into the bed with him to hide under the covers, explaining that she was wearing "a Rock Of Love dress and I didn't want to be blurred out anywhere."

She says they never made out, but not for The Situation's lack of trying.

Under the covers, he was just looking at me trying to do awkward small talk and I'm like "Oh, what do you do in your spare time?" He was like, "Can you just shut up and blow me?"


She explained to him that they were not going to hook up, and even offered to return to the club with him to find him another girl who would be more willing. When he realized that she was serious that she would not be getting physical with him, "he got, like, really mean."

In a weird coincidence, Annabelle and her friend Lindsay ran into The Situation a few months later in L.A. while at a taping of The Jay Leno Show, where The Situation was the guest.

During the commercial, Jay Leno was like, "Hey Mike, why don't you come say hello to these two cute girls over here?" We were like, "No no no, that's okay," but he made him come over and say hi to us. It was the most uncomfortable moment because we knew he recognized us somehow because he had like that weird look. He was like, "Hey, how are you guys?" And I wanted to be like, "I f*cking hate you!", but I couldn't.


Exclusive Interview: Jersey Shore‘s Annabelle DeSisto Reveals The Situation's Pick-Up Line, "Can You Just Shut Up and Blow Me?" [BWE]


I like bow ties, bow ties are cool

I knew a guy JUST like him in college. He found out that my boyfriend and I had just broken up and asked me to come over so he could make me dinner and we could talk about it. I didn't really want to, but he was a friend at the time and I thought he was harmless (and honestly, we all thought he was gay). When I got to his room he was wearing just a towel, which was sign #1 this was not going to go well.

Since it was a dorm, the only place to sit was his bed, so I sat on the side table. He lay back on the bed in a really revealing position and then spent the next god only knows how long trying to get me to make out with him and "dry hump." I eventually made it out of the room unmolested, but it was probably the worst night of my life.

There are guys like the Situation everywhere, so ladies, stand up for yourself. If some guy like this tries to take you home, get the hell out of there. If one of your girlfriends tries to go home with a guy like him, throw her over your shoulder if you have to. He's not going to be nice, he's going to get angry if he doesn't get what he wants. It's not a good situation to be in. (Was the pun intended here? I'll never tell.)