Venus Williams Sued For Wrongful Death After Fatal Car Crash

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TMZ reports Friday that a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Venus Williams following the fatal car crash she was involved in earlier this month in Palm Beach County, FL.

According to the suit, Williams entered an intersection illegally, “failed to yield the right of way, blew through a red light, drove too fast while distracted, and recklessly created a situation where the accident was unavoidable.” The ensuing crash left 78-year-old Jerome Barson dead and his wife, Linda, with serious injuries.


Writes TMZ:

The suit seeks unspecified damages for loss of companionship for both Linda and their family, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and medical and funeral expenses.


Williams claims “she was only going 5 MPH and entered the intersection on a green light.”


In more dreary Friday news, Donal Logue’s 16-year-old transgender daughter Jade is still missing after five days. She was last seen Monday afternoon in Brooklyn.


Page Six reports Jade “was taking medication as part of the transition process, but was otherwise in good health.”


[Page Six]

On a brighter note, Olivia Munn stayed in a rental home in Turks and Caicos for her “(and America’s!)” birthday, and the timing of People’s story about it (which was “courtesy of Vacation Rentals”) is...interesting.


Don’t you find it super convenient that they would know all about her deal with mere minutes after Munn’s Instagram post was published? I do!



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