Venus Williams Reportedly 'At Fault' in Fatal Car Crash

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According to a police report acquired by TMZ, Venus Williams was involved in a car crash that sent a 78-year-old man to the ICU.

Jerome Barson, who was riding in a car with his wife driving, died in the hospital 14 days after the June 9 crash from head trauma. According to the report Barson’s wife was approaching an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida when Williams moved her SUV into the intersection.

Williams reportedly told cops that she was trying to make it through the intersection but had to slow down due to traffic, leaving her car in the intersection. Barson’s wife said there was no time to stop and crashed into Williams’ vehicle.


There is no evidence in the report that Williams was driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or using an electronic device. According to the police report, cops write that Williams “is at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver].”

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Jesus. As someone who sustained a traumatic brain injury from a car wreck, and who will never be the same, I actually feel for both parties. This is hugely traumatic. And I think that it might actually be worse to have caused one. If anyone has any empathy at all, the notion that trying to get through an intersection quickly (presumably a right turn on a red light?) to save two seconds caused someone’s death has to be horrific and haunting, forever. There are very few actions in life that cannot be undone or somehow compensated. This is one.

I think about this all the time. People are so impatient (at least in California) and jump in front of moving vehicles, all the time. I always ask myself if it is safe to merge without scaring the other driver? Even if I can jump a lane because there is just enough space doesn’t mean I should.

Because I have people jump in front of me, all the time, and likely they are congratulating themselves on their quick wits and timing in being able to fit into such a confined space. But it scares the **** out of me when they do, and I think that we are not only responsible for other driver’s safety but also respect for them, and the space they are allotted. Yeah, no accident may happen but it is a dick move just the same. And when it happens, and the dude just turns into Whole Foods, or something, I just think: yes, really. You had to terrorise a lane of cars in order to get your kale smoothie a little faster (or more likely just to prove what a mighty man [woman] you are).

If I am stopped at a red light, and am not jumping into the intersection, it may be that I am seeing something you don’t. This happened yesterday when the car behind me leaned on his horn because I was stopped at a red light and had my blinker on to turn right but was not doing so. What he couldn’t see but I could was a car coming out of the alley to the left: a car with the right of way due to his green light. And, so, yeah, I could have sped forward and cut that car off but it would have been a dick move and scared the wits out of another driver. Same a few years ago when I was at a green light, and slowed down, and the driver leaned on his horn. Which makes sense. But what he couldn’t see was the family of deer crossing just ahead which, excuse me, I hadn’t wished to mow down.

Sometimes you have to trust that the driver might be seeing something you are not, so hold your horses just a little.

Okay, sorry: obviously venting from cathartic need, here.

We are not merely responsible for our own safety on the roads. We are responsible for the other drivers as well. If you wouldn’t cut ahead of someone in line, don’t do it simply because you feel protected by two tons of steel.

Respect this privilege that you have been given, and treat it like a sacred honour. Because it is. Actual lives depend on us every single day.

ETA (because this post needed to be longer!😏) I really feel for Venus in this one. She may have been at fault but it also sounds like a situation into which we all get, every day: miscalculating space in intersections, for example. And usually it ends up find, so we are lulled into a kind of soothing space. This has to be terribly traumatic for her as well.....