Vegan Queen Isa Chandra Moskowitz Cooks Up Best Food Show of Our Time

You know how you love delicious food and you want to eat all of it but maybe you don't know how to make it? The producers of Mind Of A Chef and No Reservations teamed up with vegan cookbook star Isa Chandra Moskowitz (who pens a cooking column for Bust!) to create a ten episode cooking show that literally has me drooling. Like, I think this keyboard is shot. ajaosudhNJHASDh! (That was: Who will buy me a new computer pretty please.)


Watch all the videos and then report back to me about what you plan to make first. I'm getting in on these Rosemary Chocolate Chip cookies immediately goodbye.

[PPK (Full disclosure: I stalk Isa online.)]

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Don't you know her IRL? I was stalking one of you (forget which) online one time and saw a picture of you together.