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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler Are Done

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I’m sorry to report that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have broken up, after nearly nine years and one act of federal property damage together.


Us Weekly got the news from an “insider,” who confirmed the split. “Vanessa and Austin are officially broken up, and Vanessa has been telling those close to her about their breakup,” the source told the tabloid. Apparently, they hadn’t popped up on each other’s Instagram accounts in some time, which, as any good social media sleuth knows, is a surefire sign a relationship’s in trouble.

E! Online says they’ve been spending more and more time apart, perhaps because of Hudgens’s busy filming schedule (she starred in two Netflix holiday films last year, both of which were extremely enjoyable). Butler, meanwhile, had a small role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and was cast in an upcoming Elvis Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann, so it seems his star is on the rise.


Anyway, breakups! They are sad! Hudgens still looks great!

May new love and/or self-love spring eternal. [Us Weekly]

I am not sure I agree with E! News’s assessment that football person Eric Deckerhad the best response” to wife/country pop singer Jessie James Decker’s suggestion he get a vasectomy, now that they have three children.


Per E! News:

“He’s always been very vocal about wanting to be a dad and have all these kids, and I’m right there with him,” she revealed. “It’s our pride and joy of our lives, but yeah I’ve asked him, ‘Do you want to make this not a possibility any more to not have anymore kids?”

Jessie finally stopped playing coy and explained exactly what she meant. “Do you want to make it like permanent? Snip snip!” she joked. “He said he doesn’t want the power taken from him yet.”

As for Jessie, she was a little confused about her husband’s hilariously candid response. “I’m like ‘What do you mean? You’ve already shown your power we have three,’” she explained. “He’s like, ‘It’s just a lot to take away from my manhood right now and I’m not ready.’” 


Not that I’m for telling people what to do with their bodies or anything, but considering women are frequently both responsible for birth control and childbearing, if after birthing three children, your wife wants you to get a vasectomy, maybe just, like, get the damn vasectomy? [E! News]

  • Pete Davidson got a fashion campaign. [People]


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