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Utkarsh Ambudkar, Your Newest Crush, Will Play Kaling's Brother on The Mindy Project

Illustration for article titled Utkarsh Ambudkar, Your Newest Crush, Will Play Kalings Brother on emThe Mindy Project/em

If you saw Pitch Perfect, then you know Utkarsh Ambudkar as the tall drink of water on the Treblemakers, moving and grooving his way into your heart with his beat boxing ways. Now, Mr. Ambudkar is set to star opposite Mindy Kaling as her visiting brother, and we're already hot and bothered. Honestly, I'd rather see him as a love interest than the duds Kaling's been into so far, but I'll takes what I can gets.


If he becomes a regular I'm gonna start calling Tuesday nights "Man Candy Monday" and I'll quit my job to watch the show on repeat until hair grows on my palms. Or something less gross. But still a little gross because AWOOOOOGA hummina hummina.


[photo via Instagram]

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