UTI Vaccine Will Be Available In 3-5 Years

Today, CBS News reported that researchers have developed a vaccine—in the form of a nasal spray—that will prevent urinary tract infections. Sanctioned drug-snorting and unhurt-y pee? I must've died, because this is party girl heaven.

The vaccine will be available on the market in the near future (3 to 5 years). I could've used this in the past (3 to 5 years ago). But thanks, science, for waiting until I'm married and have health insurance, and thus less likely to get UTIs and more likely to be able to afford the medication. Still, I'm totally gonna be the first in line for this. I hope the vaccine will have a cool name like Urokay.


P.S. I really like that the female anatomical model has so much more attitude than the male version.

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Who are the 47% of women who will never get a UTI????