Us Weekly Claims Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri in 'About Three Years'

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This is an ongoing rumor, one we see every four months or so. It’s been a year since Tom Cruise has seen Suri Cruise! It’s been two years! It’s been a very specific number of days! This week, Us is reporting that the famous father and daughter have had “essentially no contact” for “about three years.” (For those of you who prefer to count in days, that’s about 1095.)


A “family source” claims “Tom has no relationship with Suri,” and Us Weekly appears to believe this is because Scientology leaders “force members to shun anyone who leaves the church.”

The magazine asked a church spokesperson about its guidelines for relationships between Scientologists and their “non-Scientologist friends or family members.” They gave them a statement that reads:

“...Scientologists respect the faith of others, associate with and befriend members of every religion. Scientologists do not cut ties with non-Scientologist friends or family members because they have chosen another religion. Given that Scientology is a new religion, Scientologists often have family members and friends who are not Scientologists and who may practice another faith or no faith at all. This causes no conflict for Scientologists.”

Here’s where I’d like to put a GIF of me walking backwards toward a distant horizon while slowly nodding, getting smaller and smaller until I’ve disappeared completely.

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Because Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made it clear Tuesday morning that they would not be speaking publicly about their divorce, uh, ever again, E! News spoke to a source connected to them who claimed Heard was “happy to settle because she wanted everything to be over.” The entire process has “taken a toll on her, her family and her friends in a very emotional way.”

The source continued:

“Johnny did not want to go to trial. Since Amber filed the restraining order J.D. had hoped things would settle… Initially, being the stubborn people they are, they both didn’t want to give in to each other’s requests.”


[E! News]

Look what Selena Gomez Snapchatted yesterday.


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So Univision bought Gawker yesterday for $135 M. For perspective, Denton valued GM at $250 M last year, and Univision recently paid $200 M for 40% of The Onion. Ouch.

Thoughts? I’m sure we all have thoughts.