Update: Nancy Meyers Has a Fridge

And now, the thrilling conclusion to the question that has been on everyone’s mind since the American public saw director Nancy Meyers’s beautiful and well-appointed kitchen. We now know the status of the fridge.


After Jezebel published my investigation into whether or not Nancy Meyers’s expansive kitchen contains a refrigerator, I received an email from Elaine René-Weissman, the architect who created the kitchen, and ostensibly, the rest of Nancy Meyers’s home. Though René-Weissman declined to be interviewed further, please find below the email she sent clarifying some of the rude questions I asked about her design choices.


I was the architect for the house!


The fridge is to the right – out of the camera’s view.


The two islands are original.


Seems like the pendants were replaced since it was photographed in InStyle.

I am grateful that even in these unusual circumstances, the power of journalism can still be used for good.

Senior Writer, Jezebel