He’s filming a movie called The Tender Bar in Boston, he’s hangin’ with George Clooney, and apparently, he’s doing great! “Ben is excited to be in Boston,” the source told People. “He and George are happy to be reunited and working together again.” Hmmm.... interesting. Very interesting.

Maybe Ben’s happiness is directly correlated to how much time he spends in Boston every year. He tops off his levels with Dunkin’ in Los Angeles, but he needs to visit the motherland every now and again to feel really rejuvenated. I know there’s a pandemic, and Fenway isn’t open yet, but maybe Ben has to walk through Kenmore Square singing “Sweet Caroline” for an hour or two every day until he starts to feel like himself again.


“I LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER,” Ben screams into the quiet dark of Landsdowne Street. “Boston.... you’re my home.” [People]