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Tyra: Soccer Mom Potheads

On today's episode, Tyra Banks interviewed mothers who admit to smoking pot as a way to unwind or deal with the anxiety of child rearing. As one mother put it, "I think life is better when you feel good."

Tyra started off the hour by listing ways to get high from marijuana: "You smoke pot, eat brownies, bong, roach…" and then later pretended like she didn't know what a bowl was. (Yeah, cause I'm sure she never encountered one either on or off set of Higher Learning.) One of the women in the audience was willing to admit on camera that she is a mother of two young children and smokes pot once or twice a day. Just like with early feminism, I'm glad that there are female pioneers out there on this issue, paving the road to a better understanding of motherhood, without de-weeding it. I don't get what all the shock is about. Mothers are people. People get high. And some people prefer a one-hitter over a couple glasses of wine. It's really no worse. Everyone just needs to chill out, man.

While Tyra's reenactments of smoking are a little over-the-top, I must say that as someone who has found buds in her dog's fur, I can't really say for sure that I wouldn't store my bong next to a pacifier.


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Here's the deal. It's really no worse is not an accurate statement.

The debate over whether marijuana is better or worse for you than alcohol is pretty irrelevant. The bottom line is that marijuana is illegal. If you conduct illegal activities around your children, you are a hop skip and a jump away from CPS taking your children, because yes, you are a bad parent.

(Note that I'm not commenting on medical marijuana; the woman in question was interviewed off-camera, which indicates her consumption is not legal.)