Tyra: Parents Who've Spent $150K On Spas For Their Kids

Today, mothers who've invested a college education's worth of spa and beauty treatments on their kids—ages 9 and under—appeared on Tyra. What's even more ridiculous is that the angle of the show was all, "Isn't this cute?"

While the first half of the episode was a sort of celebration at this weird and frankly, needless, spending (what the hell kind of normal 8-year-old needs weekly massages?), Tyra did try to bring some "seriousness" to the stage later in the show by having a debate between these parents and "normal" parents who don't spend five or six figures on child beauty care. However, instead of anyone mentioning that perhaps such a strong focus on image could potentially fuck a kid up, the debate was more about spoiling a child with something that should just be an occasional treat. Don't get me wrong, I've loved makeup and nail polish since before I could read, and I'm not against the idea of children wanting to play around with it. Instead, it's the idea of aesthetic perfection—of which the mother in this clip claims she instills in her children—that could lead to a lot of problems later on in life.



As a child, I adored getting my nails done. I'd sit with my grandma in her parlor, and she'd let me pick from her enormous kaboodle of polish and seasonal decals. She'd paint my little nails and I would moon over how pretty her nails were. She told me that, when I was older, I could wear them long too, if I wanted. When I was done she would tell me how beautiful my nails looked and I'd run to our apartment to show my mom my big girl nails.

Tyra mom, the nail polish was absolutely irrelevant to this experience. The fact that the polish would chip in a day or so was a non-issue. The feeling of being a princess did not require money, professional services, or the pressure that the nail polish was what made me a princess.