Tyra: "5 Women, 10 Vaginas"

Today, Tyra Banks interviewed women "with two vaginas". The last time Tyra had more vaginas than women on her stage, it garnered her show a lot of publicity. This time, she found as many vaginas as she could.

Unsurprisingly, the intro was very giggly and not necessarily all that mature.

What has been learned in all of this: There is such a thing as a "dominant" vagina. (Spoiler alert: It's not Tyra's.)

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Phillipa Marlowe

I can definitely recognise that Tyra is very silly and sometimes not professional, but you have to appreciate her straightforwardness. I like that she calls out an audience member for something, and asks questions about right vs left vaginas with no hesitancy or awkwardness, just a question, you know?