Tyler Cameron Is Not The Bachelor, but He Is Once Again A Bachelor

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After two blissful months of presumably admiring the symmetry of one another’s faces, The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron and freelance Chanel security guard Gigi Hadid are no longer an item.

Just under a week after Cameron called Hadid a “friend” in a Daily Pop appearance, a source tells E! News that Hadid and Cameron are done but also maybe not done:

“They broke up a few weeks ago. The relationship was moving quickly and was too much for both of them,” a second source tells E! News. “The split was amicable and they are still friendly.”

“They will definitely hangout again but decided to slow things down romantically,” the insider continues. “Gigi is busy traveling and Tyler is trying to get situated in NYC. Tyler would definitely pursue a romantic relationship with Gigi again but is letting things cool down for now.”


The “source” certainly seems determined to make this sound like a mutual decision while also hinting that Cameron would very much like to get back together. Additionally, Cameron got bangs, which are a very good indicator that he also has recently worn sweatpants to a wine shop at noon on a weekday and sung “Not Gon Cry” into the empty bottle while drafting casual texts to Hadid in Notes. Been there, Tyler. That fringe will grow out and your heart will go on. [E! News, ET]

I did not know much about Ed Sheeran or his tattoos before I started writing this Dirt Bag, but he has a lot of them. Many of them are cartoonish. One of them is a Heinz Ketchup logo. One is a Bon Iver lyric. They are all dumb but also perfectly fine, though Sheeran’s tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, disagrees with me:

“I take the piss out of Ed all the time, when I’m with him, that they are s–t. They are!” Paul told the Daily Mirror.

“But every single thing that he’s got is personal to him.”

No disrespect to Mr. Paul, but 100 percent of the tattoos millennials get to amuse ourselves are a little bit stupid simply by virtue of the fact that paying someone hundreds of dollars to scar ink into one’s skin in a pleasing pattern is a dumb pastime that is also oddly very fun. I have five. One features a murderous rabbit from a medieval psalter. It is also shit, but the ax-wielding rabbit tickles me, which is reason enough to have it.


That being said, the tattoo John Mayer gave Ed Sheeran is wrong and bad. [Daily Mirror]

  • When Busy Phillips’s husband told her he would “do anything” to help out with the kids, Phillips replied, “Okay, then do everything.” That is a very good response to men waiting on a list of instructions for parenting their own children. [People]
  • Malika Haqq says the parentage of her forthcoming child “will unfold,” though her bestie Khloe Kardashian has already claimed some responsibility. [People]
  • Tekashi69's testimony resulted in the convictions of two men. [The New York Times]

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Pumpkin Andy is Orange

“The relationship was moving quickly and it was too much for them” so they broke up, is a sentence that makes no sense to me. Also, how's he payin' for that apartment?