You guys. Seriously. Seriously. The dummies using the #TCOT (Top Conservatives on) Twitter hashtag are really, truly something else.

First, this idiot tweets this just to... be funny? be racist? I'm gonna go with column b [UPDATE: oh, I get it, he's part of weird Twitter and he's weirdly trolling, OK GOT IT]

And then this more popular idiot re-tweets it:


It's too good!! IDIOTS, even if you don't know that's Omar because you know nothing of great TV, then you can at least tell that is a screenshot of a TV show, right? RIGHT?

WIth the amount of energy these jerks put into freaking out over the Black Panthers, you would think there were actual black panthers on their lawn in Kentucky, lurking in the tall grass, salivating for some fresh bigot. Nope, instead, they're a fucking rad organization of brave smarties who advanced the rights of all people.


What a bunch of racist dummies!