Twilight Fanfic Strikes Again: Beautiful Bastard Gets a Book Deal

At this point, we'd all do better to quit our day jobs (or night jobs, if you're me) and start writing Twilight fanfic. Who's in?

E.L. James' 50 Shades of Grey opened the door, and now Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard is sexily sashaying through it. Christina Lauren is actually two people — Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings* — who landed a book deal with Simon & Schuster after the popularity of their fanfic The Office** exploded online. Renamed and given sexy new packaging, Beautiful Bastard is about a kinky businessman and his sexxxy intern. Sounds pretty hot to me, should we get the Jezebel bookclub back up and running so we can tackle this?


The Hollywood Reporter has some a sneak peek, and it's worth checking out, if only for phrases like "My boss, Mr. Bennett Ryan. Beautiful Bastard. My stomach clenched tightly at the thought of him: tall, gorgeous, and entirely evil." That's sassy!

*For the record, I think Hobbs Billings is a far sexier name.
**Unfortunately this isn't about Dwight getting it on with Jim while Michael watches. But, uh, does that exist? Asking for myself.

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