Tweeting About the Olympics Got Leslie Jones a Trip to Rio and a New Gig

After her patriotic tweets inspired a nation to turn their eyes away from Michael Phelps’ fascinating decision to start cupping, Leslie Jones announced on Twitter on Monday that she would be flying down to Rio to get paid to share her brilliant thoughts with an even wider audience. This is a particularly nice turn of events, given how much hate Jones was getting on the platform just a few short weeks ago.


Deadline confirmed that Jones will actually be working for NBC, following an invite over the weekend from executive producer Jim Bell. Though it’s unclear in what capacity Jones will be contributing to the broadcast, victory is indeed in her veins. The commentary certainly can’t get much worse with her around: She could probably stand in for NBC’s entire team and drastically improve their programming.


Paranoid Android (sometimes says dumb things)

That’s awesome but she blocked me for tweeting her how much I love her Olympic recaps. I think it was an accident...I hope.