Tuck In Everything, but Don't Tuck In Your Jersey Like Post Malone

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An easy way to elevate any look is to tuck your shirt in. Post Malone is a Southern boy; I know he’s heeded this advice from his mama. It’s one of the many things you learn not to question growing up in Texas. However, maybe someone should’ve clarified that the whole “tucking your shirt in” thing is not a hard and fast rule. For example, if you’re wearing a $150 “Men’s Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Nike White Vapor Untouchable Color Rush Limited Jersey,” maybe keep that sucker pristine and save it for the tail gate. There’s no need to squeeze that mesh-y recycled polyester blouse into the waistband of your jeans or slacks. In fact, at that point, you’re just suffocating the breathable material. Also, it looks weird.

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This may lose me some brownie points in the long run, but I’m actually a fan of Post Malone’s personal style. (I much prefer his fashion to his music, if that’s any consolation. Though “Allergic” kind of bangs.) Malone, born Austin Richard Post, will often rock Gucci-esque Western wear, a high-end, high-fashion, borderline-queered take on traditional cowboy fits. I love and appreciate that. I’d love and appreciate that more on, say, Harry Styles or Lil Nas X, but I tend to give credit where credit is due. This tucked in football jersey though? Man, how the mighty have fallen.

On Monday, September 23, GQ dubbed Malone’s jersey look its “big fit of the day.” I assume everyone else they saw that day was naked. The editors championed his jersey, noting that it was “tucked in and safely belted down, like a toddler in a car seat. The result: his jersey actually sorta fits now, rather than flapping in the wind.” I suppose that is true. But who doesn’t love a breeze?

I’m a sucker for a nice tucked-in shirt. T-shirts, too—not just collared work shirts. But a jersey? That’s a no from me, dog.

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