Trump NY Chair Carl Paladino Told to 'Resign Immediately' Following Very Racist Comments About Obama

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Last week Donald Trump New York campaign chair Carl Paladino gave astonishingly racist comments about the Obamas to Artvoice, an alt-weekly paper out of Buffalo, NY. As a result of those comments, which included his wish for Barack Obama to succumb to mad cow disease after “being caught having relations with a Herford” and for Michelle Obama to “return to being a male,” his employer, the Buffalo School Board, has called for his resignation.


ABC News reports that Paladino has been given 24 hours to resign from his position on a Buffalo school board. If he does not comply with the request, the decision will be raised to the Department of Education. The decision to ask Paladino to resign was made in a meeting that Paladino did not attend and was greeted with “a loud and sustained standing ovation,” which is the correct way to respond.

As a result of Paladino’s disgusting remarks, board members have been overwhelmed with complaints. District President Barbara Nevergold addressed the absent Paladino during the meeting, saying “Words matter, Mr. Paladino.” She also said that by reducing President Obama and FLOTUS to “depraved individuals,” Paladino failed in his responsibilities to the students under his care.

“As a sitting board member you have amassed a record and established a pattern of behavior that is equally egregious and violates your oath of office and professional ethics as a board of education member,” she said, before asking him to “do the right thing” and resign.

In a mealy-mouthed and half-hearted apology, Paladino told the Buffalo News that he hadn’t intended to send his answers to the paper, but to his friends instead and partially blamed his response on heightened emotions after listening to President Obama speak on Aleppo.

“I’m certainly not a racist,” he wrote. I’m sorry to say, bud, but yeah, you are!

Post has been updated to correct the name of the Buffalo school board. Jezebel regrets the error.

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The constant flood of Michelle Obama comments over the last 8 years really do flummox me.

I mean (and let’s ignore absolutely all of her actual skills and CV), she’s objectively one of the most beautiful First Ladies there has been, and pretty much the sole one who has left office looking as good as she came in.

Even racists - especially racists - tend to sexually fetishise the gender they prefer of the race they loathe the most. That’s almost textbook racism. And yet she’s put up with this tidal wave of odious shit, with not even the token racist fetishisation! What a world, what a world...