Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Are Back Together?? Maybe???

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Like any recently broken-up couple, Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly reportedly spent last weekend vacationing in St. Barts.


Hm, OK, yes, now that I read that back—not so typical for a couple that split just earlier this month. According to E! News it’s not just that they booked a trip pre-breakup that they couldn’t get refunded, as was the case with a friend of mine who ended up going to Hawaii with an ex many years ago this way. A source tells the outlet that Noah and Kelly are “seeing where things go.”

Last weekend things “went” to St. Barts, and when they returned from their trip the two repaired to New York City, where they’ve been “spending time together” ever since, the source says.

Another source tells E! (using basically the same language as the first): “They are hopeful things will work out and are seeing where it goes.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time Noah and Kelly have will have broken up and gotten back together—if that’s indeed what’s happening—just the first time we’re hearing about it. Consider this a developing story!

Just going to go ahead and put this where it belongs (here, in Dirt Bag):


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