There's a Non-Zero Chance a J.Lo Breakup Anthem Is on the Way

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Could it be? New breakup music from Jennifer Lopez???

Fresh off her split from A-Rod and amid juicy rumors about a rekindled romance with ex Ben Affleck, J.Lo posted a photo of herself in a recording studio to Instagram on Saturday, promising forthcoming “sexy summer fun.”


Is it an album? A single? A soon-to-be canonical breakup anthem? J.Lo hasn’t given us any hints, unfortunately. Of course I would love to hear her side of the A-Rod split—or her version of the apparent Ben Affleck reunion—narrativized in song.

As far as the latter is concerned, sources have told People that while J.Lo is “certainly not making any plans about the future” with Affleck, she is “open to having a relationship” with him.“She wants to spend as much time with Ben as possible to see where this could go,” the source said.

Sounds like “sexy summer fun” to me!

Lee Pace...hello...

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Any over-unders on how long JLo can go without a man in her life?