Judging from ad campaigns launched by several different manufacturers of men's shaving products, we're here to report that ball trimming/shaving seems to be a new, encouraged standard of grooming. Finally, a marketing trend we can get behind on our knees for!

This month, Gillette has posted a series of instructional shaving videos on YouTube, one of which being "How To Shave Your Groin," which walks men through the process of "trimming the bush to make the tree look taller."

Philips Norelco (the company responsible for the shaved kiwi ad appearing in public men's rooms) even has an entire site dedicated to male pubic hair shaving, aptly titled Malepubichairshaving.net, that addresses the issue:

Did you know that women like men who shave down there? Having silky smooth balls is a lot nicer than finding a huge bush or choking on your pubes! Today's trend is to have it clean or at least trimmed. This helps both aesthetically and hygienic wise as well.


Content includes posts like "3 Pubic Shaving Methods Men Should AVOID, and "How to Shave Your Balls." Of course there are also links to purchase various Philips Norelco products to get the task done, such as Balla Powder, which sounds like the title of a Chamillionaire song, but is actually a talc for balls.

Braun also has a web-based campaign which references the pubic area as part of male grooming standards with its "Nationality Guide," a list of stereotypical (gay porn-ish?) guys from different countries of origin, that measures their body hair length, including "average hair down there."



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