Tragic Sarah Ferguson Wore Metaphorical "Hair Shirt" During Royal Wedding

Fergie seemed like a really tragic figure during her interview with Oprah today, admitting that she felt worthless after her recent behavior caused her to not be invited to the royal wedding and saying about her life in general, "I had it all and I blew it. I made mistakes and I got it wrong." On April 29, she intentionally left the country to spend time in the jungle in Thailand, where she had no access to a television or a radio, but called up someone in England and had them hold the phone to their TV for the event. (And she wonders why she's having money troubles, making long distance phone calls like that.) She also revealed that Prince Andrew carried a picture of her in his pocket that day.


On June 12, a docu-series—because nothing on OWN will ever be called a "reality show"—Finding Sarah will premiere on Oprah's network. It will follow the Duchess' struggle to rebuild her life after last year's scandal when she offered to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew to a tabloid. Today's episode of Oprah showed clips from the forthcoming series, in which Fergie sits down with some of O's All Stars like Dr. Phil and Suze Orman to figure out her head and wallet. The segment with Orman was particularly cringe-worthy as Fergie is seen repeatedly begging her to explain how one finds their own self worth.


oprah it is okay. pop a melatonin and talk yourself down. OWN was a bit of a misstep. but you know what? you have shitloads of money. you won't notice a few million down the tube. so stop wasting your final shows on reader digest version's of programming on your network.