Tracy Anderson Is Cashing in on the Equinox Outrage

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Goop-approved celebrity trainer and Swiffer workout pioneer Tracy Anderson sees this whole Equinox and SoulCycle funding Trump’s re-election business for what it really is—a plum marketing opportunity.


As a response to all the brouhaha, which saw loads of celebrities publicly canceling their very expensive gym memberships in reaction to the news SoulCycle and Equinox owner Stephen Ross is a good friend and fundraiser for Trump, Anderson posted an image to Instagram that read “Feeling heated? So are my studios,” along with a promise to donate a portion of her weekend profits to charities.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Anderson will be donating 20 percent of class revenue from her Los Angeles, Hamptons, and New York locations to The Human Rights Campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety, and The Martin Luther King Foundation. The caption on the post very cleverly read “Look what you made me do,” which was earn headlines, like this one.

All Anderson’s studios are heated to 95 degrees, unlike your neighborhood YMCA, which is generally a normal temperature and also puts good into the world. And it is also fine to go to a hot-ass gym class this weekend to say fuck Trump, but the whole thing hits me like the same way Gwyneth Paltrow donating a portion of the proceeds from those jade pussy eggs to support Planned Parenthood would, which is to say, a little icky.



Good for her. I mean, her whole brand preys on insecurities and peddles weird theories about fitness. But if she can cash in on this shit then good for her.