Topless Times Square Performers Form Desnudas, Inc, Are Available for Hire

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The kerfuffle about the semi-nude women in Times Square isn’t over. In response to forthcoming regulated “activity zone” laws, two women have formed Times Square Body Art aka Desnudas Inc., an entertainment company to take on The Man.


Desnuadas Inc., comprised of Saira Nicole and Amanda Roman and their manager Chris Oliveri, allows the women to take freelance gigs along with their regular photos-for-tips work in Midtown. They’re in talks with former Entertainment Tonight producer Ed Meyer, who sees a future of reality shows and appearances, according to the New York Post.

“The desnudas in the Hamptons . . . the desnudas showing up at Donald Trump’s events,” he said.

Most recently, they were hired to protest celebrity chef Flay while wearing “Cheater!” across their bare chest outside of a New York Wine and Food Festival event.

Flay is in the midst of a bitter divorce with Law & Order actress Stephanie March and he is accused of allegedly stepping out with Mad Men actress January Jones and his aide. The performers’ bare-chest signs were the second “Cheater!” spectacle Flay’s endured. The first was a plane flying a banner that read “cheater” during a ceremony honoring Flay on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in June. It’s unclear if March is behind the performance and Oliveri won’t say who hired them.

Meanwhile, if you hate your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend, the desnudas are open to gigs in Miami, Las Vegas, Texas and even Brazil. One man asked that his wife be painted like a desnuda for a night out. For safety reasons, they don’t participate in events in clubs or that involve liquor, says Oliveri. He aims to make the women the showgirls of New York City, probably to the dismay of Mayor de Blasio.

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