For the photo shoot on last night's episode, the contestants were made to portray big-name fashion designers—both male and female—whether or not they'd ever even heard of the person.

Esther and Kendal ended up in the bottom two. Esther was supposed to portray Christophe Decarnin. Nigel said Esther's portrayal of Christophe was "over the top" and added, "It looks like you're in costume and I can't get past that." She is in costume. In fact, she's in drag.

Kendal was supposed to portray Vera Wang. She admitted that the only thing she knew about Vera Wang is that she has a bridal line. Essentially the judges said that she didn't exhibit enough personality in the shot. Because Vera Wang is known for being so vivacious demeanor and charisma?


Tyra said, "The girl who is going home today is going home because she didn't know who the designer was." However, much like with most of what these judges tell these girls, the opposite was true, because Kendal—who was at least familiar with the name Vera Wang—went home, while Liz, who said she had never even heard of John Galliano before, was awarded best picture. Nigel liked that it was "subtle."