Tony Hale Would Like To See Buster Bluth Return With A Bionic Hand

Now that we know Arrested Development will return to us by way of Netflix, it's about time to start speculating about what's going to happen in the episodes. We already know that creator Mitch Hurwitz wants to explore what's been happening in the lives of the Bluths in the five years since we last saw them, but what else? Tony Hale told Entertainment Weekly what he wants to see Buster doing when the show returns:

"Hopefully he has not left his mother's side. I'd love for Liza Minnelli to come back. I'd love for Buster to see his girlfriend again." Hale also would like to see Buster keep up with the times in addressing his missing hand. "I want him to go bionic," he said. "Maybe he connected with Apple, and there's some sort of iPod attachment. Maybe he's got like an iPad as a hand? … Surely, with the advances of technology, something interesting has happened."

Of all the members in the Bluth family, Buster is surely the most trapped in "arrested development" the most, and I have to agree that he should still be living with Mother (and possibly having a love affair with Lucille 2). As long as he's not participating in the Motherboy competitions and his new hand still makes him exclaim "I'm a monnnnsterrrrrrrrrr," I think Buster purists will be satisfied. Now, whatever happened to poor Anyong?

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[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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