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Tomboy Flower Girls Are Maybe the Cutest Thing on the Internet

Illustration for article titled Tomboy Flower Girls Are Maybe the Cutest Thing on the Internet

Please, will one of you marry me PLEASE because this is happening. (Also, it would help if you had a daughter I could put in an adorable mini-suit.) (Lots of requirements, but I'M WORTH IT!) (?)


A Practical Wedding has a round up of tomboy flower girl outfit ideas, and I want all of the outfits in XXL for myself, as well. And I want a daughter. And a wedding. I'm making the same point again. Wedding wear options for all!

[via DapperQ]

shutterstock/Jaimie Duplass

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Ever since I saw an epic flower girl meltdown at my cousin's wedding (she vomited, turned on her heel, and ran the other way ... the flower girl, not my cousin), I have been completely unenthused by small children dressed up as miniature brides and grooms, walking down the aisle, holding chalkboard signs that say "Here Comes Your Little Girl." The only flower girl I will accept at my wedding at this point is Tilda Swinton dressed as a gigantic alien orchid. And that is goddamn it.

Swinton. Pls.