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Taylor Swift’s most recent ex-fake-boyfriend, questionably effective underwear model Tom Hiddleston, is up for an Emmy this year for his work in that show I meant to watch but never did but might actually start tonight now that I think about it, The Night Manager.

A source told The Hollywood Life that Hiddleston is “expecting to win” the award for Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie next Sunday and that he’s “like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.” They also claim he has no plans to thank his former partner in rock walking.

Even though it’s a huge team effort, fans couldn’t help but wonder if he would end up thanking his former flame if he won — since T-Swift could have been a source of inspiration.

“Not a chance in hell,” the insider revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY. “He will not mention anything about her in any acceptance speech. There is no time for outside drama on a night that might never happen again for him.”

Not a chance in hell!? Those are some strong words to use about someone who’s been living there for the past few months.


If you’ve spent the past few months unable to sleep due stress caused by not knowing the sex of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s unborn child, just visit either of their Instagrams for a grating piece of news.


Remember last week when Elizabeth Gilbert shared the news that she had begun a romantic relationship with her best friend, Rayya Elias? It was a sad story centered around Elias’s battle with pancreatic and liver cancer, but there’s a lighthearted nugget about how that met that has been woefully underreported:


They met because Gilbert’s friends staged a “hair intervention.” Watch this:

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