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Tom Delonge Was Right About UFOs and Also the Hottest Member of Blink 182

Illustration for article titled Tom Delonge Was Right About UFOs and Also the Hottest Member of Blink 182
Image: AP

According to a spokesperson for the United States Navy, a video made public by former Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy does in fact show “unidentified” aerial “phenomena.” The language of the statement is significant, according to Motherboard, because “the UFO community is increasingly using the terminology ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ to discuss unknown objects in the sky.”


This is quite the vindication for true believer DeLonge, who as it happens was also the hottest member of Blink 182 around 2001 or so.

Travis Barker was hot but in the semi-threatening way shared by boys who lost their virginity while visiting their brother at college. Tom was the kind of hot where you could picture losing your virginity to each other after dating for two months and talking in nervous detail about the logistics of your parents being gone next Saturday until at least midnight. Mark Hoppus was a non-option because he was basically a football player in tall socks. Travis is currently the hottest member of Blink 182, but this is not a blog about now.


Congratulations to Tom DeLonge (and Travis Barker, now).

Senior editor, Jezebel

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I always thought of Mark as the Chandler of the group, don't know why