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Toddlers & Tiaras: Introducing A Child Pageant Doll

On last night's episode, pageant—and talk show—veteran, 4-year-old Eden and her stage mom Mickie, together with their manager, developed an Eden doll, based on Eden's Vegas showgirl costume. They've deluded themselves into thinking this is a smash hit.

Ever since Eden's debut on Toddler's & Tiaras last season, she's hit the talk show circuit, and her mother interprets this interest in her as well-earned fame.

She's landed Eden a power-skirt-suit-wearing manager, and the two women are working on many projects for Eden, including a doll and a clothing line.

Mickie is using the financial investment in her daughter's future as pressure for a good performance.

Overall, the doll was kind of meh, didn't impress the judges, and subsequently, Eden did not win.


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My sister and I watched this episode last night. While this woman is pretty clearly unhinged, at least she loves her kid and is supportive.

Janelle's mom, who was also on this episode, forced her daughter to do the pageant. There were many times where Janelle's mom grabbed her forcefully and told her to shut up because she was crying. Janelle was crying because she DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT. At one point she gave her a little push and said 'go away'. To a four year old. She also openly admitted to making her daughter participate so that she 'would be a diva and not a tomboy like she is'

Given a choice between an insane yet loving mom and a verbally abusive mom who never listened, I know who I'd pick.