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Hey, We Got A Makeover! >

It's the New Jezebel — lots of changes, we know, and it's not perfect. But we're with you through the bumps and bugs, and we've got details on how to navigate the new digs.


The Worst (And Best) Of The Super Bowl Commercials >

Believe it or not, they weren't all bad. But they still weren't great, at least not for the ladies. You know the routine: chicks are sexy, chicks have boobs, chicks threaten manly masculinity. Rinse, repeat.



Dirtbag: Lindsay Busted, Again >

That pesky stolen necklace business simply won't go away — Lohan may be charged with grand theft felony as early as today. She's been out of rehab just over a month, mind you. But it's hard out there on the streets, and maybe she needs something do with her hands.


Kathie Lee Will Slut-Shame Every Last One Of The Jersey Shore Girls >

Today it's JWoww on the receiving end. At this point, the Shore crew is well-versed in handling interviews — even when they're with KLG — and JWoww does a nice job of dodging the promiscuity issue and going into PSA mode.

And in other news:


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