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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom's Perfume Promises Unisex Sexiness

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's perfume, Unbreakable, launches in a week. Unbreakable. Like their love. Get it? Let's speculate about what Khloe is thinking in that photo in the top corner. ("People are really going to buy this?") [Official Site]
  • Terry Richardson shot Lady Gaga wearing a Supreme skateboard and very little else for Purple. [TLF]
  • The Daily Newsweek Beast, on Lady Gaga's paid endorsement deal with Armani: "She reinvigorated Giorgio Armani, the veteran Italian designer who has often felt stifled by his own success. American Gigolo, Oscars, power suits. Gaga set him free. When her hoop-skirted, crystal-studded extravaganza appeared on the red carpet last year, Armani's staff sent an email across the fashion world identifying it as the work of the ever-discreet designer." [Newsweek]
  • Daily Mail scold Liz Jones takes on the Charles Taylor trial. Really. Carol White, Naomi Campbell's former agent, says the supermodel committed perjury on the stand when she testified that she had no reason to believe the "dirty stones" she was given in South Africa in 1997 were blood diamonds from the notorious Liberian president. "Naomi knew it was illegal to take diamonds that might have been used to fund atrocities. Why she denied what really happened I don't know. I suppose, having denied it, she couldn't retract." [Daily Mail]
  • Anna Wintour went to Brooklyn! To celebrate her ex-stepson's birthday. [P6]
  • Karl Lagerfeld shot Kanye West for the cover of V Man, and each issue comes with a real, folded $1 bill, stuffed into Kanye's mouth. Kanye eats your dollar bills. He eats them right up. [High Snobiety]
  • Kate Moss is the new face of Dior Addict lipstick. [Independent]
  • Racked liveblogged Oprah's friday super-model-palooza. Stephanie Seymour says she was initially upset about those pictures because she had gained weight; she also says she and Peter Brant decided to call off their acrimonious divorce when "One night about 24 hours before court, I went to my husband's house with a peace offering," an Indian blanket that he really loved. "I just said to him, you know, we both love our children too much to let this go on any further. And most of what's said in the press really is nonsense. And we just decided, then and there to reconcile and work things out between the two of us." They still live separately, on the same Connecticut property, but are in therapy, and spend weekends and holidays together as a family. And we have these wise words from Paulina Poriskova who says, "Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego." [Racked]
  • While on air, Beverly Johnson kind of alluded to having an eating disorder as she became successful. Her mom had to have an intervention. [ContactMusic]
  • Porizkova is not invited to fashion week shows anymore. "I can't get tickets," she says. "But sitting in front of the stage watching the girls is too hard to watch. It's like actors watching other actors work — you either get jealous, or you get mortified for them." [P6]
  • Gisele Bündchen says she doesn't use sunscreen. "I cannot put this poison on my skin," she sniffed. "I do not use anything synthetic." Bündchen claims that she doesn't go out in the sun after 8 a.m., so it can't possibly hurt her. Sunscreen, in case you were wondering, is non-toxic. It also, you know, helps prevent cancer. Now, rhinoplasty: does that count as "synthetic"? [Daily Mail]
  • This story about model Lindsay Wixson and her efforts to procure a Jason Wu dress for her prom is strangely compelling. "When Wu closes the door to his studio behind them, Wixson takes a giant leaping skip toward the elevator and lands in a pose with one hip out to the side. She raises a celebratory fist in the air." Then, Wixson and her boyfriend ride the 2 train downtown. He is 18, and they met in a donut shop in Kansas. "'I don't really think of myself as being 16,' Wixson had admitted earlier that morning, sitting on a gray sofa in her agent's boyfriend's apartment on East 3rd Street. Her right leg is crossed over her left, and she energetically bounces her dangling foot. 'I think I'm in the middle of 17 and 22. I don't feel 16 at all.'" [WWD]
  • Lauren Conrad filmed a reality pilot for MTV about relaunching her fashion line; MTV passed on the show. Lauren Conrad believes this is because what she's doing it "too highbrow" for MTV. [EW]
  • Carol Alt, Carmen Dell'Orefice, and Pat Cleveland will be walking in the Adrienne Vittadini show at New York fashion week. To which we just RSVP'd YES. [Telegraph]
  • Erin O'Connor: "I don't feel feminine in floaty dresses with spaghetti straps — I feel more like Freddie Mercury in drag." [Vogue UK]
  • Elisabetta Canalis stars in new Roberto Cavalli ads. [Yeeeah]
  • Harper's Bazaar is publishing a special issue that commemorates many of its most iconic vintage covers. Editor Glenda Bailey claims, "We try to do as little as retouching on covers as possible, because we want it to be real and immediate. We use photographers who are, by nature, very light with retouching. For example, Peter Lindbergh famously did a set of portraits for us of supermodels without makeup, completely un-retouched." That editorial was published in September of 2009. [The Cut]
  • If one were really, really into watching 3-D movies, we suppose it might be useful or even economical for one to buy these $58 Armani 3-D glasses. Everyone else, let's snicker now. [TLF]
  • Australian label Sass & Bide has just been acquired by the department store chain Myer. Myer took a majority stake in the brand for AU$42 million. Previously, Sass & Bide had been exclusively stocked in Australia by Myer's rival, David Jones, and the label is featured heavily in David Jones' current catalog. [Frockwriter]
  • The Times kind of panned Dressed, the documentary about designer Nary Manivong and his very troubled adolescence. (Manivong was abandoned by his parents at age 14, and he and his younger siblings were intermittently homeless.) The film covers Manivong's efforts to pull together his show in New York in 2008. Director David Swajeski's "filmmaking skills are rudimentary at best," says the Times, and Manivong "is clearly uncomfortable discussing his heart-tugging life story, preferring to rhapsodize about his stylistic vision." Manivong is showing his new line, NAHM, with Ally Hilfiger this season. [NYTimes]
  • Barneys New York will no longer be selling Prada women's wear or accessories. Prada wanted to lease a space within Barneys to create a mini-Prada boutique and display its products as it pleased, but Barneys doesn't allow brands that kind of latitude. [On The Runway, WSJ]
  • Meanwhile, for its spring catalog, Barneys is publishing backstage photographs it hired such lights at William Klein and Nan Goldin to shoot at the spring shows, last September. Backstage photography is generally for editorial, not commercial, purposes, and models pose readily for such shots on that assumption. So are the models who've now ended up in a Barneys catalog being paid? Are they being paid similar rates to what they would have been had Barneys booked them for a disclosed catalog shoot? [IsaacLikes]
  • Pringle of Scotland's C.E.O. stepped down rather suddenly. [WWD]
  • J. Crew is charging $10 more for a petite skirt than it is for its regular version. [Shorty Stories]