TLC's Four Weddings Is Coming Back With a Very Good Twist

TLC’s Four Brides is making its long-awaited (by me) return to television, but with a brilliant and exceedingly rude twist.


The premise of the show is as simple as it is deranged: four brides attend each other’s weddings and rate the events on their food, decor, music, and more. The bride with the most points wins a honeymoon vacation prize. When the show returns to TLC in 2017, the basic premise will remain the same, but with one key difference: the brides in question will know each other beforehand, according to Us Weekly.

“Each episode will feature four brides and shine a light on their friendships with each other — judging their weddings in different categories such as venue, food, originality and dress,” TLC said in a statement that could be describing a television show or the circumstances leading up to a completely unnecessary fight between old friends.

For those unacquainted with this masterpiece, see the below example.

This game is a bad one, but with strangers, it’s fine. People have done worse on reality television. Doing so with people you actually know — for money! — is bonkers.

The dangerous game that is judging with impunity the wedding of your close friend or college roommate or shitty cousin is best played in private! Talk shit about the passed h’ors d’ouevres if you must. Whisper tiny mean things about how Annabelle’s dress was nice, but she looked kind of weird. Play Four Weddings in the car back on the way home, if you’re mean and your heart is actually a dark lump of coal and sadness that is closed to romantic love forever. (Relax, I’m kidding! It’s fun to do this no matter what.) Doing so with the dangling carrot of a tropical honeymoon vacation on the horizon seems like a recipe for disaster. I’ll watch it! I love it. I love love. I’m ready.

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Betty Slocombe

How are they going to find so many sets of 4 brides who all know each other? What are the odds that people will step up their weddings just for....oh...15 minutes of fame. Gotcha.

Well I’m going to gleefully hate watch this, just like I did the original and the UK version.