TLC Story: Chilli's Abortion Inspired Left Eye's Condom Glasses

If you didn't catch CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story—a dramatization of the meteoric rise of the feminist-slanted girl group that aired on VH1 last night—than you missed out on an orgy of '90s nostalgia. The movie didn't really tell fans anything they didn't already know, with one exception: Chilli's unplanned pregnancy and subsequent abortion is what caused Left Eye to wear condoms as accessories.


I just can't get over how badly they were screwed over by Pebbles. I love her music and ever since I found out about how she dealt with them I haven't felt the same. I always wanted to think that as a black woman in the business that she would look out for them but no. You know she learned that crap from her husband. He was just sitting there going for it. What a shame. Always have a good lawyer to help you with the contractual stuff. It's funny because Pebbles is usually a tweetaholic but she was silent last night.