Tituss Burgess Has Left Moving Drama Behind, Says 'I Don't Suffer Fools'


You may recall that Emmy-nominated actor Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) was eminently displeased with the moving service he used this past summer — so displeased that he posted a scathing Yelp review. But as the seasons change, so do our sensibilities, and Burgess is angry no more.

As Page Six reports, Burgess has not pursued any further action against moving company Franks Express.

“I have not heard anything further, and I have not investigated further,” he told Page Six. “It was an unfortunate situation, but I don’t suffer fools.”

Franks Express publicly responded to Burgess in July, asserting that he had interacted with an imposter, rather than one of their employees.

But will Burgess use their services again? It’s not likely: in the meantime, he has received a slew of offers from competing moving companies ever-so-happy to move his shit. He has also determined how best to articulate his wishes when hiring professional assistance.

“I’m a lot more direct with what I need right away, and things percolate and move on at the rate that they should,” he explains.

And for that matter, Burgess is now happily situated in a city he has no intention of leaving. Originally from Georgia, he has lived in New York City for 15 years with no desire to relocate.

“I hate LA. Can’t be bothered,” he declared to Page Six. “I love this place, I love my people. I’ve got my theater community. I can go downtown and see some avant-garde piece of thought-provoking theater. I can go over a few avenues and be in a whole different country. You don’t get that in many other places.”

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