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Tina Fey's Worst Audition Ever Sounds Pretty Damn Terrible

Backstage at The Tonight Show, Tina Fey was asked to describe the worst audition she ever went on. In her pre-Saturday Night Live days, Fey was an actress living in Chicago and performing at Second City. In the hopes of making money, she went out on plenty of commercial auditions, all of which ended terribly (I dunno, I thought 1-900-OK-Face was pretty good). Still, there was one particularly awful audition that somehow managed to stand out from the rest.


Silver lining: "My scar will have an orange soda" is a damn good catchphrase.

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This is something that crosses my mind whenever I see people being all, "Uuugh, Tina Fey, stop making jokes about how you're ugly, you're clearly gorgeous, you're so full of it." But I bet if you've been told by casting directors that you're ugly for like, all of your 20s, you probably internalize some of that shit.