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This Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey Lip Flip Is Goddamn Delightful

It was a good day for The Tonight Show yesterday. Not only did Jimmy Fallon have on Adele Dazeem, star of the hit Broadway show LEASE, to sing "Let It Go" with The Roots — he also hosted his old pal and fan favorite, the ever-charming Tina Fey!


We've come to expect a good and goofy time whenever former Weekend Update co-hosts Fey and Fallon reunite and last night the pair did not disappoint. Fey came prepared with funny stories about her super cute daughters (always a hit) and they played the most delightfully disastrous game of "Flip Lip" ever to be seen. Naturally, it all ended in a duet of "Endless Love."Meanwhile in Los Angeles, a brief Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien sadly closes his laptop after watching this very Conan-y bit and whispers, "It should have been you, Coco. It should have been you."

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