Time to Speculate About Jennifer Garner's Love Life!

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For a little while post-Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner dated a normie named John Miller. Now Jennifer Garner and that person have split up, or maybe are just pivoting from a Relationship to a more realistic, casual, “we can still bone if we want, but otherwise, IDK, I’m kinda busy this month” situationship? Let’s see.


According to In Touch, Jennifer Garner and that other man split up right before Los Angeles went into lockdown. “Jen and John remain on friendly terms so there’s a possibility that they could rekindle their relationship in the future, but right now it’s over,” the source said. Hmm. Sounds like John has crammed his foot in the door, thereby preventing it from closing all the way. Interesting decision for him, but I’m more concerned with Jen, who deserves nothing but happiness after enduring Ben Affleck, and his various stints in rehab. As usual, my concern is misplaced, because Jen and Bradley Cooper are hanging out? Maybe?!

TMZ spotted the two being “flirty in the ‘Bu,” and while I cannot excuse Cooper’s teensy man-bun, I want Jennifer Garner to be happy. If Bradley Cooper makes her happy, great! Incredibly, TMZ has already done a better job than I ever could summing up the reasons why these two might be doing whatever it is they’re doing in the ‘Bu.

Who knows whether this is something, but when people break up they often gravitate to people they know, and lots of times that develops into something. If you didn’t know that ... it’s actually a thing.

I didn’t know. Thank you for sharing! [TMZ]

Katy Perry has been pregnant with Legolas’s child for what seems like at least two years, but apparently it has just been since March? Time is slippery now, and makes no sense. But it seems she’s still pregnant and would very much like it if the visitor in her uterus exited sooner rather than later.

I know that’s a chair and footstool for a nursing mother—a glider, if you will—but I want one for myself. Seems nice. Good luck, Katy? [Instagram]


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I happened upon “Alias” on Amazon Prime a while back and got sucked inuntil I realized how silly it was, but still fun. 

Is everybody’s parent a spy? Apparently so. At least she had better wigs than Elizabeth & Phillip on The Americans. And then they turn the roommate into a bad spy? COME ON!!!

They look pretty comfortable with each other in those photos. If this turns into something, good for them.